Club Uniform

 We have Orienteering Tops, Running Shirts and Singlets in the club design available to purchase at events.

The Orienteering Tops are high quality and hard wearing Trimtex “Extreme LZR” O-shirts in a full range of sizes in both men’s and women’s cut. The T-Shirts are lightweight technical running tops in a unisex style with a full range of sizes.  Perfect for SummerNav and farm events.  The Singlets are high performance Trimtex Run LZR singlets and well suited to sprint events.

 Uniform 3 Styles

Club shirts on show here.   Left to Right: T-Shirt, O-Top and Singlet.

Shirt Type Price Less 40%
Extreme LZR O-Shirt Children 82.00 49.20
Extreme LZR O-Shirt Men 102.00 61.20
Extreme LZR O-Shirt Women 102.00 61.20
Free LZR T-Shirt Children 38.00 22.80
Free LZR T-Shirt Unisex 41.00 24.60
Run LZR Singlet Men 65.00 39.00
Run LZR Singlet Women 65.00 39.00

Juniors who are club members can get their first club shirt at 40% off.

 Trimtex Sizing

2015 AOC RelayTeam

Auckland Orienteers smart club tops in the latest fabric and style are based on a design by club member Tim Renton.

Please contact our club captain, Dwayne Smith for current shirt options and pricing.