Auckland Orienteering
2007 Winter Nights Street Series
Round Two Results

15 August 2007 - Epsom Streets Results

Course A – any 18 Controls
Mark L00:57:57
Jeff Greenwood01:03:03
Mal G01:10:50
Mike Searson01:13:37
Course B – any 14 Controls
Annette & Lizzy Orchard00:58:30
Peter Bakos01:02:14
Owen Means01:02:30
Craig P01:04:00
K McLellan01:05:00
Course C – any 10 Controls
Melannie Hughes00:40:36
Norm Jager00:42:45
Dave & Kath Campbell00:49:50
Fujine Wolken00:52:00 (12 controls)
Cath Hepplethwaite00:52:00 (12 controls)
Angela Guptill00:54:30
Kerry Granger00:54:30
Marc Magerkorth00:55:44
Nicola Kinzet00:56:37
Russell Howard00:58:20
Ewart & Wendy01:00:49
Andrew & Nadia01:08:10 (11 controls)
Course D – any 6 controls
Laura Tone00:31:00
Kass Chee00:32:00
R & P Wakeman00:41:20
Keith Spencer-Edgar00:45:36
Ann Jeans00:47:26
RW00:22:00 (4 controls)

22 August 2007 - Kohimarama Streets Results

Course A - any 18 Controls
James Bradshaw01:01:57
Mark L01:03:02
Jeff Greenwood 01:10:25
Malcolm Gawn01:19:00
Course B - any 14 Controls
Ewart MacLucas01:06:00
Owen Means01:15:07
Course C - any 10 Controls
R Stephenson00:55:00
Karl Pennington00:55:12(12 controls)
Matt Ford00:55:12(12 controls)
Emily Lidsay & Libby Crum (St Cuthberts)00:55:31(11 controls)
Craig Pearce00:55:50
Mel Hughes00:56:19(11 controls)
Mike Cash00:57:00
K McLellan00:58:00
Hamish MacMillan01:00:25
Sandra Faustl01:01:00
Cath Heppelthwaite & Fujine Wolkn01:01:00
Stuart Oliver & Camilla Needham01:01:02
Angela Guptill & Kerry Granger01:02:00
Peter Bakos01:02:25
Andrew & Nadia01:08:01
Bruce Cassey01:08:40
Lydia Scott01:10:00
Anna Gray & Holly Rabone (St Cuthberts)01:04:00(9 controls)
Course D - any 6 Controls
Kate Smirnova00:35:26
P & R Wakeman00:36:40
Ann Jeans00:36:41
Russell Howard00:50:28
Nola Hughes00:53:58
RW 00:28:00(5 controls)

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29 August 2007 - Meadowbank Streets Results

An almost full moon rising and pleasant light spring breeze made it a great night to get out orienteering on the streets. Thanks to everyone who came along and participated in the events and to all the people who have made them possible. Setters Aiden Ellmers (Epsom event and series coordination), Imogen Scott (Kohimarama) and Peter Bakos (Meadowbank) have given us lots of options and great challenges. Thanks to the many helpers who made each event a success by providing hot soup on our return, collecting controls, making maps and other roles. Next week is the last event for this round of the night street events. Setter Craig Pearce, map makers, and checkers have  put together the 3 hour Half Moon Bay, Pakuranga (plus!) area AOC Street Rogaine, with the event centre in Beaconview rise off Fisher Parade, Farm Cove. Come along and give it a go! An option to participate for a shorter length of time will be available.

Course A - 18 Controls
Mark L 00:54:09
James Bradshaw 00:57:50
Toby Scott01:08:10
Guy C-W01:08:59
Course B – 14 Controls
Mike Cash00:54:57
Martin Spencer01:00:00
Cath & Fujine01:04:00
Craig P01:04:10
Owen Means01:05:32
Hannah Linkhorn01:10:00
Jennifer Seed01:10:00
Brian Edgar01:11:00
Course C – 10 Controls
K McLellan00:39:30
Helen Glenny00:42:20
Norm Jager00:43:41
Simon Jager00:43:41
Hamish MacMillan00:43:55
Melanie Hughes00:44:41
Simon H & Ginny D00:44:52
Gill Campbell00:45:03
Angela Guptill & Kerry Granger00:46:17
D Campbell & K Langford00:47:59
Andrew & Nadia00:51:00
Jeff Louis00:52:00
Bruce Cassey00:54:18
Mille Rixon & Melinda Habgood00:57:00
Nicola Kinzett00:57:40
Libby Crum & Emily Lindsay00:58:40 (12 control punches)
Russell Howard01:11:17
Sean Turnbull01:02:00 (8 control punches)
Team Huron – Arn, Em,01:02:00 (8 control punches)
Course D – 6 Controls
P & R Wakeman00:31:30
Roger W00:31:43
Liz P 00:44:30
Julie Devonshire00:49:24
Ann Jeans00:49:24
Katie Henry00:53:06 (7 control punches)
Nicola Henry00:56:03 (7 control punches)
Lauren Holmes00:56:03 (7 control punches)

Control description problem relating to ct noted. Description "Transformer" used for both ground-based transformer units and pole-mounted transformer units.
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5 September 2007 - Farm Cove Street Rogaine Results

2.25 Hour

Mark Lawson380380
Malcom Gawn220220
Roger Woodroofe130130
Nicola Kinzett120120

1.5 Hour

James Bradshaw270270
Ewart MacLucas210210
Martia Charlotte190160
Thelma & David150150
Norm Jaeger140140
Julie Devonshire8070
Ann Jeans8060