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Welcome to the homepage of TONIC08 - The Orienteering North Island Championships 2008. North West and Auckland orienteering clubs teamed up to bring you four days of NZOF A grade events on Superb Sand Dune Terrain. Terrain and course setting made an ideal rehearsal and preparation for the New Zealand Champs at Easter 2009 which will be on neighbouring maps.
Auckland Orienteering Club welcomed orienteers of all ages, experience and abilities to this fun filled event.
This single page is an archive of the website used during the event.

TONIC Programme and Information

Information on events and entry details is available here for reference.
Download the TONIC08 Programme Version 4b (PDF 151K) or (Word DOC 185K) - Final Version - Updated 11:30pm Thurs 23 Oct 08
Download the entry form here: Tonic2008EntryForm.pdf ( 69KB ) Tonic2008EntryForm.doc ( 359KB )


To view and order photos from Tonic 24-27th October

All photos will be saved onto a CD Rom and posted to the nominated New Zealand address. NB/ Due to the size of the files, (3-7MB) emailing is not possible.
Cost is $7 per image and $5.50 per order for CD, postage and handling. CDs will be posted via NZ post in an envelope dedicated to transporting CD/DVDs.
  1. Select the photos from the following website:
  2. Send an email to kellan [AT] quicksilver . net . nz with the following details:
Payment can be made by using
Pago account to pay: kellan
Reference: email user name

Cheques may be made out and posted to
Catherine Crofts
48 Smale Street
Point Chevalier
Auckland 1022

If ordering by cheque, please include a copy of the email or email address.
Orders will be posted within 48 hours of receipt of payment.
$4 from each image sold will be passed onto NZOF for the benefit of the Junior Development Squad.
Any queries, please contact me on the above email address, or phone 09 815 1564.
Thank you for your support, Catherine

Overall TONIC Points

Final TONIC Overall Points Updated 7:30pm Thurs 13 Nov 08

Overall TONIC Splits Competition

Provisional Overall Final Splits Finish Splits Contest Updated 5pm Thur 30 Oct

Day One - Friday 24 October 2008 - Double Middle Distance Event with reverse order chasing start

Event Results: Race One and Race Two
Split Times: Race One and Race Two
Winsplits: Race One and Race Two
Finish split contest results: Day 1 Finish Splits Contest updated 5pm Thur 30 Oct
Plot your route and compare with others on Routegadget: Race One ( Routegadget Menu ) Sorry, Due to an error with routegadget Race Two it is unavailable at this time.

Day Two - Saturday 25 October 2008 - Multiday Long Distance Event

Event Results: Day 2 Results
Split Times: Day 2 Split (html)
Winsplits: Split times, WinSplits Online
Finish split contest results: Day 2 Finish Splits Contest Updated 5pm Thur 30 Oct
Plot your route and compare with others on Routegadget: Day Two Map on Routegadget ( Routegadget Menu )

Day Three - Sunday 26 October 2008 - Multi Day Long Distance

Event Results: Day 3 Results
Winsplits: Split times, WinSplits Online
Finish split contest results: Day 3 Finish Splits Contest updated 5pm Thur 30 Oct
Plot your route and compare with others on Routegadget: Not Available Sorry

Day Four - Monday 27 October 2008 - Multiday Long Distance Event with mass start for elites

Event Results: Day 4 Results updated 9:30am Sat 8 Nov 2008
Split Times: Day 4 Splits
Winsplits: Day 4 Splits
Finish split contest results: Day 4 Finish Splits Contest updated 5pm Thur 30 Oct
Plot your route and compare with others on Routegadget: Day Four


23 October 2008 Protest Jury for TONIC 2008:
Many thanks to the following who have agreed to help form a protest jury if required and as available.
Wayne Aspin, Trish Aspin, Mike Beveridge, Michael Wood, Janet Dobbie, Scott Vennell, Chris Gelderman, Robert Newbrook, Marquita Gelderman , Rob Garden, John Robinson, Selwyn Palmer, Allan Janes, Gillian Ingham, Malcolm Ingham, David Melrose
23 October 2008 All 4 days have A-level status
As a result of a few requests and some discussion Auckland Club has now agreed that the original A-level status for Day 4 will be reinstated.
21 October 2008 Finish split Contest! Each day of TONIC there will be a "fastest finish split" contest for each of the courses (mens and womans), with the winning mens and womans split announced at prize giving each day. All courses share the same finish control, so we shall also have a prize for the ultimate "Grand Master" and "Grand Madam" finish split champion each day.
Good luck!
21 October 2008 Fancy dress contest!
There will be a prize for the best fancy dress outfit each day. So get your old 70's outfits out and give it a whirl!
21 October 2008 Best Epic Story Contest!
Whoever comes up with the best epic story from the days racing will also be up for a prize
19 October 2008 Special Chasing Starts for Elites - Day One
For most of the competitors the second run will start at 15:50 (at one minute interval) with the slower runners starting first. However, by popular request, we have the Elites (both seniors and juniors - men and women) starting at 15:40 with the fastest in their classes starting first. After 10 minutes of start times the remainder of competitors in these grades will start at 1 minute intervals (although still with the faster runners going before the slower runners).
16 October 2008 The TONIC 2008 Programme Version 1 is available for download on the homepage of the TONIC website. This programme will be updated as information becomes available. Check back often to get the latest info.
15 October 2008 It has been agreed to use a map with a 1:5000 inset for Day 4 (Monday) of TONIC, and consequently this day will not hold A grade status. The inset will allow orienteers to better read an intense detailed piece of terrain, which we are sure people will enjoy orienteering through. This is in keeping with our goal of running an event people will really enjoy, and provide something a little different.
15 October 2008 There will be $100's of dollars of prizes to be won during TONIC - details to come...
12 October 2008 Remember we need to have final numbers by 20th Oct, so book now for the social and celebration meal (details below). All welcome, and a family friendly venue!
TONIC Dinner and Social Event
When: Sunday 26th Oct, 6.30pm.
Where: Te Atatu Memorial RSA
Meal: Buffet. Drinks available at the bar at reasonable cost.
Address: 1 Harbour View Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula 1008
1. Follow NW Motorway towards Auckland (from Woodhill) and take the Te Atatu junction offramp, turning left into Te Atatu Rd.
2. Go straight at traffic lights
3. Straight through the first roundabout and continue past Woolworths.
4. At the next roundabout in the shops turn Right into Harbour View Rd,
5. take the immediate first right into Pringle Road which is beside the RSA.
6. There is plenty of parking off to the right in the community carpark.
Cost: $20 per adult, $15 per child up to 15 years.
Please book ASAP, as we have to have final numbers in by Monday 20 Oct.
To Book: Please email Mervyn with your full name, Number of Adults, and Number of Children who will be attending the TONIC Sunday Celebration Meal and Social.
11 October 2008 Red courses on the multi-day long distance event on Day 4 will include a map inset at 1:5000. This is of a highly detailed area of coastal vegetation that will offer challenging navigation. More details to come in the programme... (This news article was revised 13 October 2008)
17 September 2008 Details of the TONIC Sunday Celebration Meal and Social have been finalised. Please book ASAP so we have final numbers by Monday 20 October.
14 August 2008 North West and Auckland orienteering clubs have teamed up to put on 4 days of orienteering on superb sand dune terrain. The TONIC08 coordination team are busy completing updated mapping of areas, finalising competition and point system details, and ensuring all plans are on track (and off the tracks included as well in the case of mapping).
TBT has found out about a few of the things they have up their sleeves, including -
- new updated maps,
- a social dinner gathering on Sunday night,
- an overall TONIC Points competition,
- spot prizes,
- as well as the normal individual event/class contests,
- and running results commentary.
TBT has also learnt that there is more behind the scenes work being done and they are taking this official TONIC seriously as a lead up to the NZ Champs on similar terrain in April next year. The paper version of the Entry Form will be included in the September edition of the NZ Orienteering Magazine and it is downloadable from from the TONIC website now with the online entry form available a week later.


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