Gergo's Amazing Race 2017

GAR2017 Title2 



SATURDAY 11th November 2017
Event center opening and check in:  from 9:00 am.
Induction: 10.00 am
Race start: 11.00 am


The Event Center is in Panmure Community Hall, 7-13 Pilkington Road, Panmure

The whole event is within 6 km from the Centre in public area.


Gergo Verhas was a very charismatic Hungarian who lived for the last 4 years and 2 months of his life in New Zealand and was looking forward to become a citizen of Aotearoa. He was passionate about orienteering, mountaineering, nature and life in general. He truly enjoyed living in New Zealand, he loved the kindness and openness of people, the small chats he could have with complete strangers wherever he went. He was a valued member of the Auckland Orienteering Club. He actively participated and volunteered with the planning and running of many events. He was also passionate about tramping, and climbing, he was in true love with the mountains. He started rock climbing in March 2015 and quickly became an active and popular member of the Auckland Section of NZAC. In the last six months of his life, Gergo summited Mount Taranaki, all 12 peaks of Mount Ruapehu, Mount Earnslaw, Mount Temple and Mount Sefton – an impressive list. Prior to coming to New Zealand Gergo completed the Haute Route Pyrénéenne, an incredible 800km trek in Europe. He not only walked this amazing route but also guided his partner and for a short session a friend of theirs giving them an experience of a lifetime.

His last climb was Mt Rolleston, where he slipped on loose scree during the descent and died on 01.02.2016. He was 31 years old.


Gergo and his partner used to participate at a sort of Survival Race in Hungary that was about endurance, tramping, puzzle solving. The race was an orienteering, strategic, skill-based rally that challenged participants both mentally and physically. Gergo intended to set up a similar event here in New Zealand but it never happened.

After Gergo’s tragic accident his family and friends wished to organize a memorial event for him a bit downscaled but similar to the above mentioned Survival Race reflecting his passion for orienteering, tramping, climbing.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “Calling All Superheroes”?

GAR 2016 was about Gergo, his life and adventures. As everybody, he had his superpowers: he was a witty, charming, caring person with great leadership skills and endurance.

This year we are asking you to find your superpowers, select one or more superheroes and tackle our challenges. We encourage you to dress up and go for the best team name and or best dressed up team prize.


For teams of 3-5 people.

Reasonable fitness condition is required but you’ll gain your points for both speed and puzzle solving.

No orienteering or climbing experience is needed.


Yes, this year we would like you to pay a small amount so that we can run this event next year again.

Adults $ 20.00; Junior (7-18 years): $ 10.00; Kids (under 7 years: free)

Please pay the appropriate fee for your team in one payment to the below bank account of the Auckland orienteering Club.

Westpac 03-0195-0641747-000 

Please use your GAR2017 as reference and your Team name (or as much as of it as possible) as particulars.


Yes, just as last year there will be many prizes:

  • First of all you can win the Trophy of GAR and keep it until the next event.
  • The members of the first 3 teams get a medal each.
  • You can win a prize for the Best Team Name.
  • You can win a prize for the Best Dressed Up Team.
  • We will have other surprise prizes.


Create a team of 3-5 people.

Fill in the online form using the following link:

Should you need to make any changes / have any questions, please email

Registration closes on Wednesday, 8th of November 2017 at 12 pm


The event will be similar to the very first GAR in 2016. You might have participated last year (and hopefully enjoyed it). It is worth checking out the Facebook page for getting some idea about the day:

It is planned to be a 3-5 hours long puzzle solving / treasure hunting / walking / running race – it depends on the strategy of your team which part will dominate. You will get points for solving tasks and puzzles, answering questions as well as for speed and creativity.

Whichever team has the most points will be the winner (not necessarily those who are the fastest, strongest or prettiest). Strategy and team spirit will be the key.

Teams have to stick together during the whole race and have to walk or run. No transport is allowed in any form.

The event center opens at 9 am and the induction starts at 10.00 am where contestants are informed about the specifics of the race.

Right after the induction teams move their way to the START, where they get their tracking card.

The course is set in advance but in order to get the actual course map teams have to solve a rather tricky puzzle.

There will be guards at some posts who give you tasks to test your logic, intellect and skilfulness.

Guards will also check whether all members are present in the teams. If you are stuck, you can ask for help BUT! it will cost you some points.

Every team has to be back by 4 pm to the Event Center. Teams arriving back late will get penalty points. Every minute started will cost you 20 points.

After the FINISH teams hand in their tracking cards and everyone can get their well-deserved pizza.

Cards will be evaluated and the prize giving ceremony will start at 5.30 pm.

In the end, the winning team receives the challenge trophy too which they can keep until the next race. Afterwards, participants - exhausted but full of adventures - leave.



Make sure that you have got 1 smart phone in your team and you have got a QR code reader downloaded. Also, don’t forget to bring your smile, enthusiasm and team spirit.

Other than that some water and snacks are recommended as no food or drink will be provided during the race. You can always stop for a break in a café or restaurant, it is up to you how you use the 5 hours you have got to collect points.

Check the weather and select your layers accordingly. Make sure you have comfortable walking or running shoes.

NOTE: All localities relating to the race are public and by registering you agree to take responsibility for your own actions.

Any queries? Contact us on .