Join the Club!

New Memberships  

New members are welcome to join the club or get started in orienteering at any time of the year!

Joining is easily completed online. Everyone needs to register individually, whether you are joining as a senior or junior individual or family. For family memberships, please enter the "Primary Adult" first then each family member separately by reusing the link to go back into the database to add each person.  Let us know by email ( and we will link you in our system. Please pay the emailed invoice using the information provided.

Juniors (<21 years for the year to Dec 31 ) & full-time students $20
Seniors $50
Family (up to 2 seniors + any juniors at the same address) $100

If joining after 31 July, half fees are payable.

If you have never been a member of the Auckland Orienteering Club before and you are joining in November or December, full fees are payable but membership runs to the end of the following year.

Questions about membership? Our membership officer, Karen, is happy to answer your questions. Email or alternatively you can phone 09 625 9771.

CLICK HERE to join.

Membership Benefits

  • Be part of the Auckland Orienteering Club Team!
  • Discounted entry to club level orienteering events
  • The club runs a number of social events each year.
  • Skill development opportunities
  • Members of the Auckland Orienteering Club are eligible for financial support for representing New Zealand at international level from the Nicholls Memorial National Representative Fund. 
  • Junior members of the Auckland Orienteering Club are eligible for financial assistance for attendance at training events and international event fees from the Junior Training Fund.
  • Entry fees are paid for members representing the Auckland Orienteering Club, such as the Auckland Relays and Katoa Po night relay event.
  • Club members between the ages of 18 and 31, inclusive, are eligible for financial assistance from the Gergo Memorial Fund to travel overseas and compete internationally.
  • Access to the club resource library materials
  • Access to orienteering training sessions
  • Access to training camps
  • Participation in event running
  • Affiliation to Orienteering NZ confers the right to compete in designated national competitions throughout New Zealand.  Non-affiliates must pay rather heavy affiliation fees for these events.