Winter Sprint Series

This series of events has a choice of 3 short courses on maps providing lots of route choice around parks or buildings. The course lengths range from about 3.5km down to 1.5km and can be completed at a fast run in about 12 minutes or a gentle stroll in 30-40 minutes.

While set as sprints where orienteers need to make decisions at pace they are also ideal courses for beginners or people wanting a stroll/jog in a park on a course similar to course 3 at the SummerNav Series.

SPORTident electronic timing is used so if you own a SPORTident card, make sure you bring it. Others can hire one for $3 (children 10 and under free).


Starts are between 4.00pm and 4.45pm (gets too dark to go later)














SPORTident hire

$3 each (under 10 free)


2017 Events






24 June 2017

St Kentigern College, Pakuranga Highway



1 July 2017



8 July 2017

Avondale Schools



15 July 2017

Epsom Campus



2016 Results






Sat 2 July

Michael Park School,

Course 1 - Results  WinSplits
Course 2 - Results  WinSplits
Course 3 - Results  WinSplits
Course 4 - Results  WinSplits


Lovely weather tonight for the last event in our Winter Sprint Series.  The Michael Park School is a really cute
little campus, but it can be quite tricky if you don't pay attention to the map.  Thanks to Kieran Woods for the
courses tonight and to all the helpers through the series who have made it easy to put these events on.

Sorry for the small glitch in printing the maps for course 2, hope you weren't scratching your head for too long.
And also for the control box that had been removed from the control stand late in the day if that affected you,
I think I have fixed up all the people who were unable to punch that control, even though you went there.

Next week we resume normal service on Sunday, but the races are still of the classic sprint variety.  We are
having a double sprint event at Avondale college with start times available from 10:00am.  Last starts will be at
2:00pm and course closure at 3:00pm.  There will be two sprint courses on offer and you need to both if you
to earn points for the Auckland Orienteering Series points competition.  More info on the home page.


Sat 25 June

Auckland University,
Tamaki Campus

Course 1 - Results - WinSplits
Course 2a - Results - WinsSplits
Course 2b - Results - WinSplits
Course 3 - Results - WinSplits


Nice tricky courses set tonight by Alistair and Joanna.  The weather was good with no rain while we were there,
but unfortunately it was a bit slippery underfoot - with a couple of spills being reported (including me).
This map has now been sold to another owner and will be a construction site soon - maybe one day we can get
back there, but who knows?
Next week is the last in the series at Micheal Park School - don't miss it!


Sat 18 June

Mt Roskill Schools

Ultrasprint Overall Result
Ultrasprint A - Results - WinSplits
Ultrasprint B - Results - WinSplits
Ultrasprint C - Results - WinSplits

Sprint Results - WinSplits


Something a little bit different today.  The Ultrasprint format is a lot of fun and Alison's courses proved to
be quite tricky for a lot of people as evidenced by the larger than normal number of miss punches. 
It is a good thing that you don't get disqualified for miss punching in an Ultrasprint :)  Instead there is
a 1 minute penalty for a miss punch, and a 2 minute penalty if you miss punch more than once.  The
penalties are listed in the "Results" links.

It was a good idea to start the event an hour early today as the start finish area was quite hectic for most
of the time, because everyone had to start, finish and download at least three times.  We will also do the
pre-registration again for the next weeks race, because it saved us quite a bit of time and kept the line
at registration much shorter.


Sat 11 June

Ellerslie Racecourse



We had a really good turnout at the first Winter Sprint this year.  We ran out of maps for every course!
Luckily there was a nearby photocopier available to produce some more maps quite quickly!
Some seriously quick times were recorded by the elite juniors who are making their last preparations before
heading off to the Junior World Champs shortly.
Thanks to Alina for the courses today - they were challenging and fun.