Club Uniform

 We have Orienteering Tops, Running Shirts and Singlets in the club design available to purchase at events.

The Orienteering Tops are high quality and hard wearing Trimtex “Trail” O-shirts in a full range of sizes in both men’s and women’s cut. These are designed to be a "tight" fit, perfect for technical forest orienteering where breathability and performance are important.

The T-Shirts are lightweight technical running tops in a unisex style with a full range of sizes in a looser "regular" cut, perfect for SummerNav and farm events. 

The Singlets are high performance Trimtex Run LZR singlets and well suited to sprint events.

 AOC T shirtAOC O shirtAOC Singlet

Club shirts in action. Left to Right: T-Shirt, O-Top, and Singlet.

Shirt Type Price Less 40%*
Extreme LZR O-Shirt Childrens 130-140 82.00 49.20
Trail O-Shirt Childrens 150-160 95.00 57.00
Trail O-Shirt Men 106.00 63.60
Trail O-Shirt Women 106.00 63.60
Free LZR T-Shirt Childrens 130-150 38.00 22.80
Free LZR T-Shirt Unisex 41.00 24.60
Run LZR Singlet Childrens 160 61.00 36.60
Run LZR Singlet Men 69.00 41.40
Run LZR Singlet Women 69.00 41.40

*Junior club members can get their first club shirt at 40% off.

Sizing Charts (links through to Trimtex website):
Womens cut

2015 AOC RelayTeam

Auckland Orienteers smart club tops in the latest fabric and style are based on a design by club member Tim Renton.

Please contact Sarah Stewart for current shirt options and pricing.