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Introduction - Orienteering for Teachers

  • Orienteering is an all year round competitive sport, and recreational activity, that is enjoyed by a number of New Zealanders, both male and female, and of all ages and levels of abilities.
  • Individuals, couples, families, schools, and other groups (including youth groups like scouts and girl guides) participate.
  • Orienteering events cater for all age groups at the same time, unlike many sports, where different age groups generally take part in segregated competitions.
  • Except for a few special events, all orienteering events cater for different levels of ability.
  • Orienteering is a true “Sport for Life”. It is also described as the “Thought Sport”, the “Family Sport”, and “Cunning Running”.

The sport has much to offer young people. It involves cross-country running, using a map to find your way around a set course. Orienteering requires physical fitness, skill in map reading, compass work, mental alertness and decisiveness.

Orienteering teaches the participant to assess, understand and "read” the countryside, as well as to appreciate the beauty and variety of the terrain they travel over.

A standard orienteering course consists of a start, a series of checkpoints called controls at different features in the terrain, which must be visited in order, and a finish. Participants use an accurate, detailed map of the area to find the controls.

While most orienteers also use a compass to keep their map orientated (“turned to fit”), this is not the only way to do so. Events in local parks, such as the Auckland Orienteering Summer Series events, and in school grounds often do not require the use of a compass.

Orienteering embodies a wide range of skills both physical and mental. The latter include:

  • fitting map to terrain (and vice-versa)
  • decision making (route choice)
  • determination (sticking to one’s decision)
  • self-confidence (in unfamiliar terrain)
  • planning ahead
  • adapting the correct navigational technique for the terrain, e.g. aiming off, use of attack points, compass skills, checking distance travelled.

[Source: Kiwi-O Manual, Teaching Orienteering 2nd Ed.]

Resources available for Teachers and Students:

Manual - The Kiwi-O Orienteering for Schools Manual (Free - Available Online Now)

  • Intended for use by anyone teaching orienteering at schools, school camps or in youth groups, for children aged between 8 and 12 (years 4-8). Some exercises and events are also suitable for children aged 5 – 7.
  • Available for download free in PDF format. Refer to Orienteering NZ Schools Orienteering Resources
  • Schools may request a colour printed copy from us on a cost to print basis. Contact us auckoc [at] with your request and for current price.


Reference Materials - Auckland Orienteering Club Library

The Auckland Orienteering Club library has a selection of orienteering books and resources, including:

Book - Teaching Orienteering (Second Edition) By Carol McNeill, Jean Cory-Wright, Tom Renfrew.

Teaching          Orienteering 2nd Edition

Teaching Orienteering, Second Edition makes it easier than ever for busy teachers, leaders, and coaches to introduce orienteering skills and techniques to students of the sport. This new edition retains the highly visual, full-colour format of the original version, but its content has been expanded and completely updated.

Ideal for those new to teaching orienteering, this book presents information in a logical progression designed to help students learn the sport in familiar, easy terrain before moving them into more difficult environments.

Each suggested exercise in the book is self contained and can be used in whatever order the teachers or leaders deem appropriate for their needs. Plus, each exercise has been laid out so that teachers can quickly determine

  • the purpose of the exercise,
  • the age groups it is suitable for,
  • the time it will take to complete, and
  • the equipment needed.

Richly illustrated with maps, drawings, and photos, Teaching Orienteering, Second Edition is an excellent reference for physical education, outdoor education, and classroom teachers, as well as for university instructors and youth group leaders.
[extract source: Teaching Orienteering second ed. back cover]

Book - Orienteering- A way of learning outdoor navigation. (New Zealand Mountain Safety Council - Mountain Safety Manual 25)

Orienteering -          A way to learn Navigation

A guide for Teachers, Instructors, and Participants. This book is designed to introduce orienteering to school students and newcomers of all ages. It aims to:

  • develop individual skills and confidence necessary to successfully navigate around an orienteering course;
  • provide enjoyable and satisfying experiences that will encourage continued lifelong involvement in orienteering;
  • develop navigational skills that can be applied in other map-related activities such as tramping, mountaineering, and sailing.

The Little Book of Orienteering Techniques

This little booklet is the basic "bible" for all orienteers and coaches. It briefly describes 24 skills which the red-level orienteer should be able to call upon at any time on the course. It is arranged in three levels: the "Basics" section roughly corresponds to a yellow level of difficulty, "Intermediate" to orange, and "Advanced" to red.

The author Jean Cory-Wright competed for Britain in 10 World Championships, and is a teacher and author of outdoor education. These articles first appeared in "New Zealand Orienteering" in 1999. Contact Jeana> for current availabilty.

Brochure - Orienteering

  • Promotional orienteering brochure
  • A5 size, triple fold brochure
  • introduces the sport or orienteering and explains the basics of the sport.
  • It is available for download free in PDF format: Orienteering Brochure (PDF2405KB)
  • We can provide copies of this brochure on request. Please advise quantity required, School or group name, and your contact details. Contact us auckoc [at] with your request.

NZOF Orienteering Brochure Front

Brochure - SummerNav - The Auckland Orienteering Summer Series

  • Summer Nav - the Auckland orienteering summer series events are a great way to get out into the parks of Auckland, experience the sport of orienteering, practise map reading and navigation, improve fitness, and explore areas you may not have visited before. The events are run weekly in the evenings, during daylight saving hours - November to February. For more details see the SummerNav section of our site.
  • Promotional Auckland Orienteering Summer Series events brochure
  • introduces the seasonal orienteering events in local parks and recreation areas around Auckland
  • lists Summer Series event dates, venues, costs, and other details.
  • Download PDF version available from SummerNav section on this website
  • Multiple printed copies available for distribution. Please contact us auckoc [at] for copies.

Maps - Sample Maps on Paper for Educational Use

  • We have a wide selection of recent and old orienteering maps (print overruns) for past events available free for use within schools and youth groups.
  • May be suitable for learning concepts surrounding maps, legends, navigation, contours, scales, and areas within Auckland. All are referenced to magnetic North.
  • Copies of maps can be provided free of charge to Auckland schools and youth groups. Contact us auckoc [at] with your request.
  • We can provide multiples of identical maps suitable for use in group discussions, or a selection of different maps for variety.
  • Maps are provided on request. Please advise quantity required, an indication of which maps will be suitable, the School or groups name, and your contact details. We may need to contact you to discuss which maps may be most suitable for your requirements.
  • Availability, quantities, and age of maps vary.
  • These maps may not be used to run an event and are copyright material.

Sample Maps for Students

Students, if you would like a free sample pack including a random selection of old orienteering maps, post us your name, age, school name, and a stamped self addressed envelope to:

Student Map Samples,
Auckland Orienteering Club,
c/- PO Box 11390,
Auckland 1542

AOC Members: contact us by email if you would like to pick up your sample pack at a club night or event.

Example Map of Hamlins Hill

Keeping in Touch with Auckland Orienteering

Club Website provides upcoming events, resources, results, and other information for the club and orienteering. (Recommended)

Auckland Orienteering Email List

Subscribe to Auckland Orienteering Email Lists to receive email notifications of upcoming orienteering events, results, and other related news. (Recommended)

Auckland Orienteering Club Membership

Students, individuals, families and teachers can become members of the Auckland Orienteering Club. Join today to get discounted event entry and member only benefits.(Recommended)

Auckland Orienteering Summer Series Facebook Group

Auckland Orienteering Club on FaceBook

Auckland Orienteering Summer Series Twitter

Auckland Orienteering Club on Twitter

Orienteering Equipment for Schools

Orienteering equipment

  • Refer to the KiwiSport manual (available above) for a good introduction on the basic minimum equipment needed for running orienteering events within schools.

Orange and white control flags

  • Auckland schools and youth groups can purchase the distinctive orange and white cardboard control markers used in our summer series events from the club. Please contact us for the current cost auckoc [at]
  • Cloth flags can also be purchased from a variety of sources. For cloth flags half the size of normal forest orienteering flags contact littlej [at] for further information. [$12ea as at Aug 2010]

The MapSport Shop

Creating a Map of your School grounds

  • There are several options available.
  • Refer to the Kiwisport orienteering manual (available above) for a good introduction on mapping a school grounds.
  • Aerial photos of grounds (and contours) can be seen at this web site.
  • AOC and its members use OCAD for drawing digital maps and printing. A trial version is available for download at
  • Mapping services may be available from club members and students within the club. Please contact us to enquire on prices.
  • Independent contractors may also be available for orienteering related services.

School Promotional Visits

Auckland Orienteering Club members may be available to visit schools sport evenings and talk to parents and students interested in the sport. Contact us with your event details.

Starting up a school orienteering team/ Coaching a school team

  • Have you ever thought of starting an orienteering program in the school or youth group?
  • Contact us for advice. email auckoc [at]
  • Refer to club coach
  • Refer to Auckland Orienteering Club's Reference Library

Coaching/Teaching orienteering in class

  • Refer to our orienteering resources and books listed above.
  • Contact us for further advice. email auckoc [at]
  • Independent contractors may also be available for orienteering related services.

School Orienteering Events and Competitions

Intermediate School Orienteering Championships

For details on the intermediate school level orienteering regional events and championships contact your school sports teacher. These are usually held April/May. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this.

Secondary School Orienteering Championships

For details on the secondary school level orienteering regional events and championships contact your school sports teacher. These are usually held June/July.. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this.

Secondary School Get2Go

Refer to Hillary Outdoors Get2Go page for more information

Independent Orienteering Service providers

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