Members Club Night

Club Nights were run in 2017/2018 during school terms two and three on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm, using the Auckland Normal Intermediate hall and surrounds. Unfortunately the hall burnt down in January 2019, and the decision was made to discontinue club nights until a suitable replacement was found.

Term 3 - 2018

Date Location Fitness Technical Focus Description
02 Aug ANI - Epsom Easy Intervals JWOC experiences Meghan Drew presents her experience of JWOC and maps from her trip. Also a session with Routegadget available for members to get their courses on to from recent events
09 Aug ANI - Epsom Intervals Compass and distance A selection of exercises to practice running on compass and help with distance estimation.
16 Aug ANI - Epsom Intervals WUOC & Europe Jonty Oram will talk about his WUOC races and other orienteering events in Europe, with maps and photos.
23 Aug MAGS old gym Warm up jog Circuits At MAGS this week!
30 Aug ANI - Epsom Intervals Course setting Come along and learn the basics (or more advanced) aspects of courses setting, and get to know the software the club uses to plan events. Make a course and then run it yourself or swap with others.
06 Sep ANI - Epsom Warm-up run Indoor sprints Fun indoor races. Test your speed and punching technique!
13 Sep ANI - Epsom Intervals Compass and starts Exercises to practice your compass work and your sprint starts
20 Sep ANI - Epsom Warm-up run Micr-O Last club night for the year, a Micr-O sprint and social, bring a plate to share


Term 2 - 2018

Date Location Fitness Technical Focus Description
10 May ANI - Epsom Easy Intervals Rogaine planning A look at Rogaine techniques and planning practice ahead of the second Rogaine Series event on Sunday up at Lake Kareta.
17 May ANI - Epsom Line courses Compass and map reading A range of exercises focusing on improving compass work and map reading detail around the control circle
24 May ANI - Epsom Warm up run Indoor Sprints Fast and furious fun indoor courses.
31 May ANI - Epsom Intervals QB2018 maps and courses Looking at the 2 maps that will be used for Queens Birthday races this coming weekend: terrain analysis, map reading, route choices. Also some work on understanding map and control description symbols.
07 Jun MAGS - Mt Albert Recovery run O-Circuit Combination of technical and physical circuits in the old MAGS gym
14 Jun ANI - Epsom Drills Sprint focus Indoor and outdoor exercises to streamline your sprint orienteering; punching grid
School hall double booked :(
28 Jun ANI - Epsom Warm up Distance, compass Some technical work on estimating distance and compass use, followed by end of term social.
Bring a plate of nibbles to share.
05 Jul       NO CLUB NIGHT


Term 3 - 2017

Date Location Focus Description
03 Aug ANI - Epsom O-Circuit O-Circuit training is a series of technical and physical exercises performed one after the other,
like circuit training at the gym
10 Aug ANI - Epsom Courses Route choice and course planning exercises.  Including introduction to Purple Pen course setting software.
17 Aug ANI - Epsom Special Event All Welcome
Talks from athletes recently returned from Europe who ran races at WOC, JWOC, O-Ringen and other carnivals.
Hear from Jonty Oram, Tommy Hayes and Imogene Scott about their recent campaigns. 
There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion along with lots of interesting maps to look at. 
24 Aug ANI - Epsom Night Sprints Multiple short night sprints - bring a headlamp.
The control points will be reflective, so you should see them if you are looking the right direction :)
31 Aug ANI - Epsom Event analysis
and route choice
Baffler run warm up (bring headlamp), followed by coaching and event analysis.
Bring your maps from the recent coaching day, AOS events and AKSS relay for some feedback and discussion.
7 Sep ANI - Epsom Course setting Star Relay warm up (bring headlamp).
Course setting theory and practice. 
14 Sep ANI - Epsom Training planning Imogene Scott will go over training programs and preparing for optimal performance at big and/or target events like trials.
Running exercises outside to warm up, bring your headlamps.
21 Sep ACG - Parnell Indoor O Last club night for the year. Come and enjoy some indoor sprint courses and end-of-term social (the following week lots of people will be in Australia, including all the club night organisers!)


Term 2 - 2017

Date Location Focus Description
11 May ANI - Epsom Junior Trip Presentation The returning teams from Baradene and Mount Albert will share memories and answer questions about their trip and racing in Italy
18 May ANI - Epsom Indoor Sprint Some outdoor warmups and a tricky indoor sprint.
25 May ANI - Epsom Indoor technical training Indoor technical training exercises and a Punching grid in the dark
01 Jun ANI - Epsom Movement / Running form session Claire Akin-Smith will will lead a session aimed at getting participants to think more about the way they move/run,
how to improve their running technique and prevent injury.
08 Jun ACG - Parnell Indoor relays A range of indoor relay and technical activities/exercises.
15 Jun ANI - Epsom Indoor Sprint Indoor sprints and a head to head race at the end
22 Jun ANI - Epsom Fitness session Intervals / Wyder exercises / baffler run - you'll have to come along to find out what these are...
29 Jun ACG - Parnell Indoor O New map of the ACG school hall - fun indoor O courses
06 Jul ANI - Epsom Fun night / Social End of term fun. Don't miss it.