Night Street Series

The Night Street Series are four low key and easy navigation events using maps that look at little like street maps (with no street names). They are perfect motivation for having a run on a cold winter evening and the navigation will keep you from getting bored. You are welcome to run on your own or with a couple of friends, or even your dog. Don't forget to bring a good torch or headlamp! What is the format for the night street events? There will be 20 control sites marked on the map. Plan to visit any 6, 10, 14 or 18 controls in about an hour. Take 5 minutes to decide which ones you will visit and plan your route. You can choose the number you select to do, depending on how long you wish to be out. Make this decision before you start. The setters of the courses have attempted to make different choices available for these numbers of controls and therefore make it a better challenge to you. To give you a feel of how many you should select to do, within about an hour you can visit 6 controls walking, 10 slow running, 14 running at a good pace and 18 going very fast!

We are using the MapRun6 app for these events, with no physical controls (ie using the app on your phone or orienteering watch; instructions about MapRun6 here). MapRun detects when you have reached each control and beeps to tell you that you've been successful. When you go into MapRun6 you will need to select the event name with the number of controls you are visiting in the name - ie if doing 6 controls select the one with PXAS06 (doing 10 controls has PXAS10, 14 controls has PXAS14 and 18 controls has PXAS18).

Whenever we run a street rogaine instead, there will be time options rather than number of controls.


We will have a mass start at 7pm from someone’s house as in previous years. Maps will be distributed 5 mins early (6.55pm) for route planning. The code to activate the event in MapRun will be on the map. Your result will be automatically uploaded into MapRun when you finish. 


You will need to pre-enter for the event using the link in the event on the webpage. We are offering a discounted seasons ticket (all 4 events). The seasons pass is the cost of 2.5 events so if you'll come to them all (or even 3 events) you pay less.





Member (of any O club) - All 4 events




Member (of any O club) - Single event




Non-member (of any O club) - All 4 events




Non-member (of any O club) - Single event





 2023 Events

Day Date Event Venue
Tue 09 May 1 Greenlane  (3/30 Puriri Ave)    To be run like years ago (soup) - Mass start BUT using MapRun 
Tue 16 May 2 Mt Eden (Shoe Science   66 Mt Eden Rd)    To be run like years ago - Mass start BUT using MapRun 
Tue 23 May 3 St Heliers  (63 Devore St)    To be run like years ago (soup) - Mass start BUT using MapRun 
Tue 30 May 4 Mt Eden (53 Cromwell St)    To be run like years ago (soup) - Mass start BUT using MapRun