City Sprint Series

This series of events has a choice of 3 short courses on maps providing lots of route choice around parks or buildings. The course lengths range from about 3.5km down to 1.5km and can be completed at a fast run in about 12 minutes or a gentle stroll in 30-40 minutes.

While set as sprints where orienteers need to make decisions at pace they are also ideal courses for beginners or people wanting a stroll/jog in a park on a course similar to course 3 at the SummerNav Series.

SPORTident electronic timing is used so if you own a SPORTident card, make sure you bring it. Others can hire one for $3 (children 10 and under free). The controls are going to be set for Air in 2024 so, if you have one, you can use a SIAC card.


To save time at the event we'd very much appreciate if you would enter online. This is not mandatory but it would reduce congestion and speed up the organisation at the event. Note the entries closing time as recorded on the website. You can still come along and enter when you arrive but there will be limited maps available (as we use the entry numbers for informing the numbers and course distribution of maps). If you have pre-entered and have your own e-card you can go straight to the start.


Starts times vary depending on the week day. Sundays the starts are from 10am to 11.30am and for Saturday afternoons the times are between 3.45pm and 4.45pm (gets too dark to go later). (Any pre daylight savings events have starts from 4.00pm to 5.30pm.


The micro will use a map of much larger scale - ie more blown up so all details is shown on it - like every individual tree in a cluster of trees. There will be lots of controls out, may be on 2 neighbouring trees or even on both sides of a tree. The control circles has a dot in the middle to show its exact position. The idea is you have to read the map very closely and keep it very well orientated to go to the correct controls. It uses a small area so you are likely to go out on several loops through the same area. 


Generally there are no toilets at these events. If necessary, please look for public facilities in the area.


Please pay online. Westpac bank account number is 03-0195-0641747-00. As there is a great shortage of time to get everyone organised and around their course we ask you to pay online.













SPORTident hire

$3 each (under 10 free)

2024 Events

The controls are going to be set for Air in 2024 so, if you have one, you can use a SIAC card.

Points competition over the June/July events (points for men and women on courses 1, 2 & 3 separately)

- 1,000 points for a win
- 1 point lost for every second
- 100 points for attendance if time greater than 15 minutes behind winner
- MisPunch = 0 pts
- Best 3 scores across the 4 races – highest wins
- Setters and controllers get their average from other runs for the event they set
- Only first run on the map counts (running another course doesn’t score points)

Prize-giving  for Winners after the last event






23 Mar

Mt Roskill Schools

Start in school near roundabout on Frost Rd. Parking on public streets (NOT within the school). Starts 4.00 to 5.30 with course closure at 6pm. Course lengths, 3.1, 2.3 & 1.5 km. 


08 Jun 

Takapuna College 

 On St Leonard St


15 Jun 

Glendowie College

Registration and finish in Mt Taylor Dr 


22 Jun  Cornwall Park  This will be a micro format sprint event 


06 Jul  Rutherford College