NZOC 2019

National Orienteering Championships in Oamaru

This week 67 members of the Auckland Orienteering Club ventured to Oamaru in the South Island to compete in the National Championships and returned with a respectable 4th place overall.  Given the distance travelled and the number of people who were unavailable due to the World Schools event in Estonia (10 high performing juniors, 2 coaches and multiple parents/siblings) then this is an amazing feat.

The 4 days provided some magnificent courses and some very complex terrains. It was an exceptionally well organised event and provided many, many talking points that lasted throughout the evenings and following days.  Well done to all involved that came together to create such an amazing event. 

Auckland achieved 13 Winners across all the A grade events and 22 additional 2nd and 3rd place medals.

In the Sprint

We had an excellent day with 9 winners.  Imogene Scott took out the W21 Elite race in impressive fashion and Penelope Salmon won the W20 race in the JWOC trial. Emily Hayes had a great run to win the W16 grade and Liam Buyck won the M14 race.  Harry Borton took the win in the M10 race, one of three medals he took over the weekend.  Martin Crosby lapped up the move to M60 by winning the sprint and Alistair Stewart had a great run to win the M70 race.  Dwayne Smith and Hayley Smith took a family double in M21AS and W21AS races – although Dwayne seems to have mistyped Auckland as Dunedin in his entry form………????.

Further medals were achieved by Emma Carruthers (3rd), Catherine Crofts (2nd), Michael McCormack (2nd), Juliet Frater (2nd), Rachel Duston (2nd), Ami McGowan (3rd), Simon Rouse (2nd), Lyn Stanton (2nd), Jeff Greenwood (3rd)

In the Long

It was a tough day all round in an incredible Spur, Gully forest. The Bermuda triangle in the middle hit a number of our competitors. We had 2 winners.  Emily Hayes making it a Double with a huge win in the W16 and Hayley Smith taking out the W21AS for her double.

Further medals were achieved by Imogene Scott (2nd), Harry Borton (2nd), Mark Frater (2nd), Guy Cory-Wright (3rd), Kate Jobbins (3rd), Anna Cory-Wright (2nd)

In the Middle

At the outstanding Mining forests location in Maerewhenua, we had two winners.  Russell Syme making up for a tough day at the Long event took out the M40AS and Martin Crosby had an outstanding win in the M60 race.

Further medals were achieved by Harry Borton (2nd), Alex Jobbins (3rd), Alistair Stewart (3rd), Grace Cory-Wright (2nd), Rachel Duston (3rd), Emma Carruthers (2nd), Hayley Smith (2nd)

The Relay event

At the aptly named Humpy and Bumpy we only had one medal to shout about with the Veterans narrowly missing the win to finish 2nd, the team consisting of Martin Crosby, Annette Orchard and Alistair Stewart.

Over the course of the 4 days we had a large number of 4th and 5th place finishes and focus next year moves to turning these in to medals.

My favourite story of the weekend comes from the M55 Long race on Saturday.  In the Bermuda triangle Steve Oram’s plan from 4 to 5 was unravelling and he tried to relocate himself for a period of time unsuccessfully.  Upon seeing Julian Hayes, he realised where he was as Julian knows what he’s doing, and headed off towards his control.  With no success.  Upon speaking to Julian afterwards, Julian unfortunately was also relocating and saw Steve and used Steve as his relocation device as Steve knows what he’s doing.  Both shooting off in the wrong direction.