World Masters Test Event

This event is being put on to trial all the systems and processes we are assembling for the biggest orienteering carnival New Zealand has ever seen. It will give our event personnel a trial run in their roles and give Auckland based Oceania and WMG2017 competitors an opportunity to experience how these events will be run. For everyone else it’s an opportunity to experience what a real World Championship orienteering event is like without travelling to the other side of the world.

(Of course, for those who have attended prior world championships, wearing the running strip of another country is compulsory).

Event Summary

Type Double Sprint
Date Sun 5 March 2017
Organising Clubs Auckland, Counties Manukau & North West
Map Oteha Rohe - Massey Campus West
Location Albany, Auckland
Signposted From Albany Expressway
Physical Address Eastborne Rd, Albany
Event Level Regional
Sport Ident Yes
Pre Entry Yes
Entry Closing Date Tue 28 Feb 2017

Event Bulletin

Now not available

Start Times

Race 1 - First Start Time - 11:00am

Race 2 - First Start Time - 12:30pm

All race 1 runners will be finished before race 2 starts.

Event Description

There are 8 courses set. Course lengths are typical of Sprint races, and difficulties are similar to those of the AOC SummerNav Series. Most people will run two courses to mimic the double qualification of the WMG long, hence the name “Double Sprint”.

To enable us to test entry systems and start procedures, we want you to pre-enter on EnterO. The course combinations are listed below in the table along with the age grades associated with each one and course lengths. You can enter either your normal age grade, or if you prefer to run longer or shorter races you can enter any other age grade you wish (just as you would for SummerNav or normal club AOS events). We will use this information to assign you to the appropriate World Masters age grade, allocate you start times, and will pre-print a race Bib for you to wear on the day.


Course combo Classes Course lengths
1/2 M35 (M20, M21, W21) 3.7/3.0k
2/3 M40, M45, W35 (M18, W20) 3.0/2.5k
3/4 M50, M55, W40, W45 (M16, W18) 2.5/2.1k
4/5 M60, M65, W50, W55 (W16) 2.1/1.7k
5/6 M70, M75, W60, W65 (M14, W14) 1.7/1.3k
6/7 M80, W70, W75, W80 1.3/1.3k
7/8 M85, W85 (M12, W12) 1.3/1.2k
8/7 M90, W90 (M10, W10, novices) 1.2/1.3k*

Course 1-6 all 'orange' difficulty, like C1 and C2 at SummerNav, but shorter

Course 7 easier, 'yellow' difficulty like course 3 SummerNav, but shorter

Course 8 easier still, but not white difficulty as in forest, like course 4 SummerNav

* After completing course 8, the M/W10 and novice adults (“M/W90” class) have the option of trying course 7 for their second run. They will be given a start time but it is optional depending on experience


Please choose your course combination above and pre-enter HERE

Your start times will be emailed to you and posted on various websites in the days prior to the event and we definitely want you to arrive 30 to 45mins ahead of your designated start time to give you enough time to register, get your bib and get through the start process. It’s gonna be fun!

Entries fees will be payable at registration on the day when you pick up your race bib.

  • Children (under 16) free as it is Children’s day! (
  • Student; $3 (club member), $4 (non-member)
  • Adult; $5 (club member), $8 (non-member)
  • Family; $10 (club members), $16 (non-members)
  • SI Card hire – no charge

 Details also available on the Orienteering NZ website