SummerNav Getting Started

Welcome to the Auckland Orienteering SummerNav's

  • logo summernav smlCome along to any SummerNav and have a go! - it's a great way to start.
  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Ask for help getting started. We are happy to help out.
  • We'd like you to pre-enter and pay online. There is a link associated with each event to allow this. If you don't feel sufficiently confident about your course, just come along.

Map Sample Hamlins Hill

Image above: An example map demonstrating course symbols used.
This example is not intended for use on location. Maps are regularly updated prior to events to reflect recent changes to the terrain.

Understanding the Map

The Map LegendHamlins Hill Map Legend Sample

The Map Legend provides a key to the symbols and colours used on the map.

  • Blue features are water related.
  • Yellow indicates open land.
  • White indicates open trees or forest you can run through.
  • Brown features describe the shape of the land.
  • Black is used for rocks, man made objects, and tracks.
  • Different shades of green reflects vegetation and speed to traverse.
  • Note: Purple striped areas or olive green areas indicate out of bounds. Be careful not to enter these areas.

Using the Map

  • Orientate the map. Holding the map directly in front of you, rotate the map to line up the features on the map with the features on the ground around you.
  • Always keep the map orientated. When you turn, turn the map so it stays correctly in line with the ground.

The Orienteering Courseimage summernav control

  • The Start is shown on the map as a purple triangle. At the start there is a start banner, clock, and pen to write your start time.
  • The Finish is shown on the map as a purple double circle. At the finish there is a finish banner, clock, and pen to write your finish time.
  • Control points are located in the exact centre of the purple circles, which are numbered in the order you must visit them. Each control has a unique clip pattern. Don't place your fingers in the clipper!
  • Control descriptions indicate the control code (e.g. XE, or 123) and give a precise description of where the control point is located in relation to the object shown on the map.(Note: The demo map above does not include an example of control descriptions)

Completing the course

  1. We'd like you to pre-enter and pay online. There is a link associated with each event to allow this.
  2. Read the SummerNav Notice Board at registration.
    • Pay attention to Hazards and course closure time.
    • Course options will be listed. Select your course. If unsure, ask at registration.
  3. Starts are from 5:00pm to 6:45pm.
    • At the campomatic you will receive a map and a clip card.
    • Optionally, if it is raining you can collect a plastic map bag.
    • If you have any questions feel free to ask us! We have people on hand to talk to you about getting started and answer any questions on the sport of orienteering, the map, and navigation techniques.
    • Buy a seasons pass or consider becoming a club member for better value and additional benefits.
  4. On clip card - write your name, school/group, course, and start time.
    • Optional: some people write the control codes on the clip card to help on course.
  5. At the start time you selected - Go!
    • You can self-start at any time at these events after they open to around 6:45pm.
    • Its a good idea to wait a minute between each person starting on the same course as you.
    • You are welcome to record your time with your own watch if you prefer.
  6. Visit each control in order, clipping the clip card on the correct control.
    • You must visit the controls in the order shown on the map.
    • You may see controls which are not on your course. Check you are visiting the correct control by matching the control code with the course control descriptions on the map.
    • You may also see other runners. Its best to ignore them as:
      • they may not be running on your course...
      • they may be going in the wrong direction!
      • they can be a distraction...
      • or there may be a better route you can use to get to the next control!
  7. Finished? Record finish time, calculate time taken and write it clearly on your clipcard.
    • Courses close at 7:45pm, please be back by then.  We need time to collect the controls before dark.
  8. Staple your clip card on the results string on the back of the campomatic.
    • Sign up to our email list at registration or online to receive an email of the results and news of other orienteering activities.
    • Tell us how you went. We welcome feedback. Share and compare how the course went with others.
    • If you started early and there is time, you are welcome to do another course at no extra cost. You can start anytime between 5:00pm and around 6:45pm.
    • Course controls are collected after course closure time. If you would like to help out for extra practice - offer to collect some controls after your run!