SummerNav Information

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  • Start any time between 5:30pm and 6:45pm on the day at the location listed in the Calendar.
  • Course closes at 7:45pm, please be back by then - to give us time to retrieve the controls before dark.
  • Come along and purchase a map at the registration in the blue caravan onsite. Maps are sold on the day from 5:30pm onwards.
  • Season tickets are available onsite for entry to all the current seasons SummerNav's at a discounted rate.
  • Be sure to read the notice boards for updates and instructions.
  • SummerNav's are not cancelled due to rain.
  • Wear walking / running gear and consider sun protection.
  • You do not need a compass, (but you are welcome to practice with one - ask for help).
  • Respect the environment, plants, animals, other area users, and sports activities. Leave no trace.
  • On volcanic cones - Don't go through archaeological features such as terraces, pits, ditches, and midden.
  • Sign up for our emails about SummerNav and results.
  • Smoke Free. No smoking at any orienteering activities.
  • Bring a Drink for after your run to avoid dehydration.
  • As with any activity, consider telling someone your plans and a time to raise the alarm if you haven’t contacted them on return. ( )
  • Help is available - please ask us!

New to SummerNav's and sport of Orienteering? Check out the Getting started Guide.

SummerNav Fees

Non-member Fees:



Daily Fee $5 $10 $20
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNav's $50 $100 $200
New Membership + Season Ticket $45 $90 $180

Members Fees:



Daily Fee $3 $5 $10
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNavs $30 $50 $100

Youth groups:

$30 daily for as many maps as you need. 
Please warn us before bringing a large group. 
Simply call or email us with estimated numbers on each course so 
we can prepare enough maps. Thanks!

Green Prescription:

Special rates available.

Payments: We accept cash or cheques onsite. (We do not have onsite credit-card or mobile-eftpos).

Season Ticket/Combo Direct Payments: If you are paying by direct transfer for a season ticket, our bank details are: 
Auckland Orienteering Club, Westpac 03-0195-0641747-000
Please include a reference of : SummerNav, Surname, and detail. Thanks.