SummerNav Information

  • Start any time between 5:00pm and 6:45pm on the day at the location listed in the Calendar.
  • Course closes at 7:45pm, please be back by then - to give us time to retrieve the controls before dark.
  • Season tickets are available for entry to all the current seasons SummerNav's at a discounted rate.
  • We encourage you to pre-enter and pay online.
  • Maps are available on the day from 5:00pm onwards.
  • Be sure to read the notice boards for updates and instructions.
  • SummerNav's are not cancelled due to rain.
  • Wear walking / running gear and consider sun protection.
  • You do not need a compass, (but you are welcome to practice with one - ask for help).
  • Respect the environment, plants, animals, other area users, and sports activities. Leave no trace.
  • On volcanic cones - Don't go through archaeological features such as terraces, pits, ditches, and midden.
  • Sign up for our emails about SummerNav and results.
  • Smoke Free. No smoking at any orienteering activities.
  • Bring a Drink for after your run to avoid dehydration.
  • As with any activity, consider telling someone your plans and a time to raise the alarm if you haven’t contacted them on return. ( )
  • Help is available - please ask us!

New to SummerNav and the sport of Orienteering? Check out the Getting started Guide. If you have questions please email or phone Joanna on 021 1153727 and we will talk you through what to do before you come.


SummerNav Fees

Non-member Fees:



Daily Fee $5 $10 $20
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNav's $50 $100 $200
COMBO (see below) $45 $90 $180

Members Fees:



Daily Fee $3 $5 $10
Season Ticket to all 18 SummerNavs $30 $50 $100

Youth groups:

$30 daily for as many maps as you need. 
Please warn us before bringing a large group. 
Simply call or email us with estimated numbers on each course so 
we can prepare enough maps. Thanks!

Green Prescription:

Special rates available.

Payments: We strongly encourage you to pre-entry and pay online. We accept cash only onsite as we do not have onsite credit-card or mobile-eftpos.

 SummerNav Season tickets & COMBO

Seasons tickets that cover the whole of the SummerNav season are available this year. We will have 18 events this year. There is a new event each week on one of Tues, Wed or Thurs (plus one Saturday night event). Seasons tickets are equivalent to the cost of 10 events.

COMBO:- If you have not previously belonged to an orienteering club and would like to join AOC now, we are also offering a special SummerNav Season ticket, Club membership combo deal. Membership will run until 31st March 2024. Cost of club membership alone is $20 student, $60 adult, $90 family

 The best way to get a seasons ticket is to go to the pre-entry page and follow the instructions.